Frank Cimorelli is one of the proud founders and is the National Planner of the Valentines for Veterans Concerts. Frank, with co-founders Mike Lynch and Laura Balun, initiated this wonderful community outreach event in Prescott, AZ in 2008 as a community response to the devastating injuries suffered by a local soldier. The initial Valentines for Veterans Concert started as a way of enabling young soldiers injured during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to be able to spend time with their families by providing a free night of entertainment. The thought was that these soldiers and their families have already paid the price by their sacrifice. Thanks to community leaders such as Sanford Cohen , Steve Silvernale and Steve Bracety, the Concert not only took hold in Prescott but grew to other communities across the country who adopted the goals and motto. Today, many communities around the country celebrate the Valentines for Veterans Concerts as a way of reaching out to young military families and our country’s veterans and give them a night out free of any monetary expense.

Evening with Frank Productions will be actively working with communities and the VA medical facilities nationwide to ensure our veterans are not forgotten.